Vehicle Insurance

You’ve got places to be and things to see, so make sure you’re adequately covered no matter where you go.

Florida residents often think that as long as their car is insured, then they have adequate coverage. But, they don’t always consider that they need insurance for other motorized vehicles, including golf carts. It’s also crucial to remember that there are different types of insurance policies, depending on the type of car you have. For example, auto insurance won’t cover your motorcycle and vice versa.

Sikora & Moore will match you with the best policy for your needs. We can also secure discounts based on several factors you might not be aware of!

Auto Insurance

Even if you don’t drive long distances on a daily basis, consider this statistic from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration: 52% of all accidents occur within a 5-mile radius of home, and more than two-thirds happen within a 10-mile radius.

Auto insurance, not only covers accidents that happen to your vehicle while on the road, but it also compensates you for damages that occur when your car is parked, or it gets stolen.

Florida also has unique coverage laws that don’t apply to other states, including a requirement for PIP (personal injury protection). We’ll work with you to make sure your policy is compliant with the law.

Car insurance rates have been on the rise lately, so contact Sikora & Moore to get the most competitive price available. There are often opportunities to get discounts for bundling policies, being a safe driver, and having a high credit score, as well as special rates for specific professions. We’ll find you the best auto insurance rate that provides you all the necessary coverage. 

Golf Cart Insurance

Golf carts are considered an off-road vehicle, but the insurance for them is less expensive than traditional cars in this category like dirt bikes and four-wheelers.

While golf carts are generally seen as safe, mishaps can occur. From damaged golf courses to spills on the greens, or even a neighborhood block accident, make sure you and your loved ones are covered with a golf cart insurance policy.

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that there’s nothing more thrilling than a sunset ride with an ocean view, or weaving through lanes at the speed limit when the cars and trucks on the road are moving at a crawl.

Unlike other states, you don’t need to prove you have insurance to register your motorcycle; however, we strongly recommend having coverage. An astounding 1 in 4 drivers in Florida doesn’t have even basic liability insurance. This statistic further confirms the need for coverage (even if the accident isn’t your fault) so that you’re not left in a lurch if the other driver doesn’t have a policy.

Before lamenting the additional cost of motorcycle insurance, let Sikora & Moore shop around for the best rates for you. We will find you the maximum credits to get you a very competitive price.

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Whether you’ve got a boat or a jet ski, insuring your watercraft is a safe bet. While it’s not mandatory, it may be required if you took out a loan to pay for your boat. Another scenario that would necessitate coverage is if you’re using your boat as collateral for another type of loan.

The price to insure a boat or watercraft can vary drastically, depending on what you’re insuring, how you plan on using it, your age, gender, and even your credit score. Where you plan on storing your boat can also affect the rates, especially if the storage area is at risk of storms or flooding.

Navigate the pristine Florida waters while enjoying peace of mind by getting a quote from Sikora & Moore. With the right policy, boating can be safe, fun, and affordable.

Classic & Collectible Automobile Insurance

The tools to value a contemporary vehicle don’t apply to classic or collectible cars. To make matters more complicated, modern cars and trucks tend to lose value over time while classic and collectible vehicles usually appreciate in value the older they are.

There can be significant variation in coverage rates, depending on the purpose of the vehicle, how frequently you drive it, and how many miles you drive.

Despite their higher monetary value, this type of insurance tends to be less expensive than a traditional auto insurance policy. The reason is that these cars and trucks often spend most of their time garaged.